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Localization in the industry is most commonly associated with website translation or software translation and creates the ever increasing issue of globalization. Localizing websites or software opens doors to new markets and must be taken into account.

The English speaking internet community makes up 55% of the 335 million internet users worldwide, this meaning if a website is not localized a potential 163 million users or clients are being ignored. A website translation is therefore crucial to target these markets.

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Website Translation

Our website localization service will create in theory a new site for each language targeted. So is it localization or localisation? Even one common language contains variants be it in spelling or sentence structuring. Each language has to be translated and then targeted to each given culture. Recent localization reports have found: 37% of Large US companies still have not translated their websites into other languages (Jupiter, 2008) "The most successful companies in the long term will be those that develop unique sites that take advantage of users' different behavior and expectations" (Jupiter, 2008) 50% of all online sales are expected to happen outside the USA (Forrester) US online retailers with no global strategy will miss out on the biggest areas of online growth during the next five years (Jupiter, 2008) For a personalized website translation service or any other localization services please contact us and we will arrange a free quote.

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